boiled sweets
Finger Licking Hallowe’en
by Polly Robinson

My favourites came in cubes:
Pineapple, Kola,
and other boiled sweets
like toffee crunch
loose in quarters,
weighed out from glass jars
lining the sweet shop shelves.
Square quarter bags
and two ounce triangular paper cones;
right at the base,
where small fingers could firkle,
there lay the sugar
and slivers of sweets,
a delight on the fingertip,
on the tongue.
A memory so sweet
it makes the mouth water,
has lasted as long
as sherbet fountains
and liquorice sticks,
gob stoppers and bubble gum.
And Hallowe’en
brought cinder toffee
and Blackjacks
to stain your tongue.

Hallowe'en Devil & Witch

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: The photo is of my friend Di (l’il devil) and me (the witch) at a Hallowe’en event at St John’s Library organised by Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe. We volunteered to help in the kitchen and had a marvellous time. The children at the event were excited waiting for their Hallowe’en pumpkins, enjoying a magician, colouring in, and in awe at unusual animals provided by “Animal Magic.”

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Written for the Silver Birch Press MY SWEET WORD: Halloween Edition with fond memories of Hallowe’ens at St John’s Library in Worcester, UK, where I’ll be behind the counter serving with Di again this year.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Polly Robinson is active in the Worcestershire (UK) literary scene and is a resident artist at Croome Court. Writing for both page and performance, her work has been widely published in anthologies. Her publications, Girl’s Got Rhythm and Chatterton, can be found on Amazon. Polly occasionally dabbles with Facebook and posts at and