halloween candy
Halloween 1966
by Thomas R. Thomas

That was the year
Mom and Dad were
at a party and

only Sue and I
were home to pass
out the candy.

Mom and Dad forgot
to buy candy
for the kids.

Eleven is still young
enough to go

but we had a
I dressed up as

a cowboy, soldier,
and anything I could
find in the closet,

going up and down
Robin road each time
to fill the bowl

while Sue passed
out candy
to the kids.

It was the only good
memory in the hell
year of sixth grade

until we moved
to La Verne
in the spring,

the first unselfish
grownup thing
I remember doing,

the best
I ever had.


Thomas R. Thomas publishes the small press Arroyo Seco Press. Publications include Carnival, Pipe Dream, Bank Heavy Press, Chiron Review, Electric Windmill, Marco Polo, and Silver Birch Press. His books are Scorpio (Carnival) and Five Lines (World Parade Books). The art of invisibility is coming in 2015. His website is thomasrthomas.org.