Shake Hands (and Walk Away Cryin’)
by Kenneth Pobo

In May of 1967 Lou Christie
made #22 on WCFL’s music survey.
How upsetting to miss the Top 20!
Years later, I learned it barely made
Billboard’s Hot 100. At 12

I had little money, waited a few months
until a favorite record hit the oldies bin,
39 blissful cents. At Kresge’s
with early crush Dale,
I bought “Shake Hands.”

Lou sang that his sweet baby
put him down. After several months,
Dale put me down. I was a book bag
lost on a playground. Even now
I get every Lou Christie record I can find,
saw him twice in concert. Songs

cool like a summer swimming pool.
Dive in and notes splash up.
Swim to your past
and find it’s your present.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kenneth Pobo has a book forthcoming from Blue Light Press called Bend Of Quiet. Also forthcoming from Urban Farmhouse Press is a book called Booking Rooms in the Kuiper Belt.