gold dust woman
Patton and Gold Dust Woman
by Sarah Frances Moran

In 1998 I spent most evenings
locked in my room. Stereo blasting.
Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours on repeat.

It was that awkward age of sixteen.
Where nothing in the world feels right
except for yourself, you’re always right.

I remember writing my song analysis that year
on Gold Dust Woman. Explained in front of 30 other
students what I thought Stevie was talking about.

If I thought they looked at me in a strange way before
it was nothing compared to this.

Of all those teenage memories swirling around
the riffs of Lindsey’s guitar and Stevie belting out
did she make you cry, make you break down,
you’re always what I think of and what moves me.

I rarely remember the mean kids at school
or that song project. I barely remember my stubborn awkwardness.

But I remember your low howl.
The way Stevie’s voice in that one song
would set you off better than any fire truck.
The way you’d look at me with some sort of longing
reserved for creatures that aren’t human, throw your head back
and ah oooooooooooooooow throughout the chorus.

That song pops up now on my playlist and it reminds me
how you taught me what unconditional love is. What a bestfriend is and      how
things that aren’t human are oh so very beautiful too.


PHOTO: Patton and Sarah, 1998.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This piece is about the dog I grew up with. He was a pitbull mix and was truly a best friend to me and my brother. He would howl like crazy whenever I played “Gold Dust Woman” [from the 1977 Fleetwood Mac album Rumours]. Whenever I hear that song, I think of him. They don’t live long enough.


Sarah Frances Moran
is a writer, editor, animal lover, videogamer, queer Latina. She thinks Chihuahuas should rule the world and prefers their company to people 90% of the time. Her work has most recently been published or is upcoming in The No Se Habla Espanol Anthology, Elephant Journal, Drunk Monkeys, Rust+Moth, Maudlin House, Blackheart Magazine, Red Fez, and The Bitchin’ Kitsch. She is Editor/Founder of Yellow Chair Review. These days you can find her kayaking the Brazos in Waco, Texas, with her partner. You may reach her at