That’s Me (By the Sea):
Self-Portrait after Chantal Joffe
by Kerfe Roig
That’s my shirt: my beach,
my youth, my uncertainty:
which path leads home?

PAINTING (left): “Vita by the Sea” by Chantal Joffe (2014).

PAINTING (right): Self-portrait by Kerfe Roig inspired by Chantal Joffe’s painting cited above.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: After seeing the paintings of Chantal Joffe at The Jewish Museum in New York City, I decided to investigate her work in more depth. The portraits really resonated, and I chose Joffe as the first artist in my “100 Self Portraits” project.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kerfe Roig is currently working on 100 self-portraits inspired by the work of other artists. You can follow the journey on the blog she does with her friend Nina here.