SmithSmith vanDongen
This Girl
by Donna JT Smith

I wore a hat –
And that was that –
Not of a child
But grownup styled;
Eldest of four,
First out the door,
This girl of serious face.

A quiet child –
I wasn’t wild –
No waves to make,
No rafters shake;
Yet in my head
I often shed
This girl of serious face.

Under chapeau,
My thoughts aglow
Of hows and whys,
And butterflies,
Of deepest seas,
A shadow’s tease,
This girl of serious face.

Beware when grown;
Hat-free, hair-blown,
I’d toss my cover,
Embrace my lover,
Sing loud my song
And say “so long”
To this girl of serious face.

PHOTOGRAPH: I’m in the back row right, behind my sister on Easter, 1962, in Maine.

PAINTING: “Jeune fille au chapeau fleuri”  by Kees van Dongen (1907-09).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Donna JT Smith has written many poems and a good portion of them may be found on her blog: Mainely Write ( Retired after many years of teaching in the elementary schools, she now finds more time to focus on her writing, to dabble in watercolors, and maybe sing a little more freely, where she lives quite comfortably with her amazing husband, their foolish Yellow Lab, and a talkative cat on the coast of Maine.