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Ghost of Christmas Past
by Kathryn Hester

My mother has only one true love
Other than He who reigns above
The camcorder is the One for her
Rewinding quickly with a soft purr
The video is my ghost of Christmas past
Showing me what I have forgotten at last
I glimpse myself in a tiny crib
Wearing a first Christmas bib
Next I see a little boy
And young eyes that seek him like he’s a toy
Then I hear a sweet voice calling
My angel says, “Open it, Darling”
At this point I must breathe and stop
And catch the tears before they drop
I pull it together and then I press play
I know my smile will stay for the day
I see myself glowing aboard a trike
Two frames later it’s turned to a bike
Then I find that my stocking has an apple
And I see my brother with his bait and tackle
We jump aboard the float
Racing to gloat
He is so quiet
Because I am so giant
I’m such a know-it-all
I can’t help but call
Finally I try dancing
And there he is prancing
Before I know it we’re a trio
And it’s unbelievable that we could be a duo
We three gleam
As Janie starts to sing
Now I’m mean and scoffing
You’d think I’d need some coffee
But there’s that smile again, replacing the smug
And my cheeks turn red like a ladybug

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kathryn Hester is an eleventh grade student at George Walton Academy in Monroe, Georgia. She loves all the many forms to literature, but is partial to poetry. She loves to read and hopes to one day write her own novel.