(four quatrains)

by Mark Hudson

Here I see me, by the Christmas tree,
touching an ornament, what could it be?
The year must be the year 1973,
and I must be the tender age of three.

What thought must be inside my head?
Why do the ornaments all seem red?
Did I get up and sneak out of bed?
Am I just sleepwalking instead?

I was in the post office with a woman so mad,
she sent an ornament in the mail, she was had.
She complained about the price, she was sad.
It could break in the package, her choice bad.

Today, on my own, I don’t even put up a tree,
I am the ornament, a display in society.
Love me or hate me, it means nothing to me.
Santa can’t come because I have no chimney.

PHOTO: Mark Hudson, Christmas, 1973, age three.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Hudson is a poet and writer, artist and photographer. His poetry was featured in the Silver Birch Press “My Sweet Word” Series.  The holidays can cause Mark a bit of anxiety, but he was delighted to make it through Thanksgiving, and actually have some fun, memorable experiences. He often finds the holidays can be an interesting prompt for good writing, even though for some it can bring some sadness. He wishes whoever reads this happy holidays, and if the holidays make you depressed, you are not alone. Find some good people to lift your spirits, and have safe, enjoyable holidays.