happy new year 2
The First Day of the Year
by Kimmy Alan

The day after New Year’s Eve
Time to burn the Christmas tree
Create a blazing inferno on the snow
Throw in that brown shedding wreath

Gingerbread house demolition
Left over fireworks ammunition
Smoke bombs for special effect
Roman candle for illumination

Suckling pig I would roast
Sparkling cold duck to toast
The first day of the New Year
Is the one I loved the most

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I must confess, there is a little of Scrooge in me. Though I respect the sanctity of the holidays, I’ve despise the insanity. In a desperate attempt to please, I’ve witnessed people stressed beyond belief. Which is why the last of the holidays is when I chose to host, because New Year’s Day I love the most. Living in the country, I’d roast a suckling pig. Coat it with a glaze of Jamaican jerk spice and orange marmalade, then serve it with a bright tangerine in its mouth. My guest were in awe of meat with a face, and little kids would be a little bit afraid. After dinner we’d burn the Christmas tree and destroy the gingerbread houses with a few well-placed fireworks. What could be a more glorious time of year, than the first day of the New Year?



NAME: Kimmy Alan

HEIGHT: Too short.   WEIGHT: Too heavy. AGE: Too old.

ORIGIN: Somerset, Wisconsin. RESIDENCE: St. Paul, Minnesota

PROFESSION: Steel worker, Mechanical Engineer. EDUCATION: B.A., Metro State.

GREATEST JOY: His four nieces — Bri ,21; Audrey, 9; Violet, 6; and Juliette, 4. WORST AGONY: His nieces drive him to pieces when they sing “Let it Snow.”

AMBITIONS: To stay in remission from stage 4, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and to live long enough to see my poetry published in an anthology.

CHRISTMAS LIST: Lots of hugs from family and friends. A new set of teeth (radiation ruined mine). A new girlfriend (my old girlfriend left me because I was losing my teeth). And to bless the publishers and fellow poets at Silver Birch Press “Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”