In Mountains
by Donna JT Smith

Garbed in woolen
Socks and coat,
Scaling mountains
Like a goat;
Breezes tossing
Echoed call,
Warming sun rays
Wrap as shawl —

Where I’m lying in the field —

Nibbling cheese and
Hardy bread,
Eagles soaring
Cupping drinks from
Icy rills
Tumbling down the
Rocky hills —

Where dark nights to stars’ light yield —

Retiring to
A cozy loft,
Open rooftop
Sky night-soft;
I can dream no
Better thought
Than to live out
Heidi’s lot —

Where in mountains I am healed.

PHOTO: (Left) The author, all grown up — with Heidi hair and in my log home on a hill…not a mountain…in Maine. (Right) Noley Thornton in Heidi (1993).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: As a young girl I was an avid reader. With my parents in the antique business, they were able to supply me with many of the classics — Heidi being one of them. I also read two sequels to the Heidi book. I was fascinated by her lunches with Peter up on a mountainside — cheese and homemade bread. It seemed a wonderfully exotic lunch!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Donna Smith is a retired teacher, who now spends most of her time either writing, painting, or walking the dog. She and her husband live in a log home on the coast of Maine, and enjoy coffee dates at SB. Due to a flooded basement and then a house fire in 2007, most of the family pictures were destroyed. Too bad, because she was much better looking before 2007.