I Adopt the Sexual Practices of Morgana le Fay
by Chelsea Rounsley

I am a windstorm woman,
there is no lie in my madness.

I build fortresses of fleshy
foundations, lovers attached
by heated mouthy moans

before I burn them down,
warming crimson hands
on toasted bone debris.

I slither my way around
their circular table, a lust-
drunk ouroboros masked
as a human,

waiting to bare my lovely
fangs at jackrabbit knight

(That which does not kill you
is waiting for me to strike)

PAINTING: “Morgan le Fay” by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope (1880).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR:  I have always been influenced and enchanted by female characters who own their sexuality and characters who can do witchcraft. Both of these traits flourish in Morgana, the spell-casting villainess of the Arthurian legends. Murder and potential incest aside, I strive to be like Morgana—powerful, beautiful, and relentless in achieving my goals.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chelsea Rounsley is a fiction writer native to the Midwest, though she is slowly meandering toward a life in London. She is a writer of both short stories and poetry. She once ate an entire Snow White chapstick at the age of three and she thoroughly believes this to be a reason why everything she writes is about magic.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Dark lipstick is my Excalibur.