DANIElle steel
by Danielle Matthews

Your name is misspelt
when I check online
an error to reflect
how little I know you.

I love words as works
of art in themselves
each one a masterpiece
do you, too?

Your works remain
a mystery to me
despite my ardour
for your livelihood.

I know you in
passing glances
on market stalls,
you live in stacks.

Your name is misspelt
when I check online
and God is thy judge
as he is mine.

PHOTO: Novelist Danielle Steel.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: For this poem I literally started with an online search for the most famous Danielle I knew: Danielle Steel. Only I typed “Steele.” Oops. This sparked off the poem as I realised how little I knew about such a famous author, especially as I would like to think I’m well read. The Hebrew meaning of Danielle is “God is thy judge.”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Danielle Matthews is a published writer of poetry and flash fiction from Manchester, U.K. She has been featured by Pankhearst, three drops from a cauldron, and various others. Danielle is a lover of the written word, a self-proclaimed Word Nerd, and her favourite author is Fydor Dostoevsky. She lives near Manchester with her books, and they’re all very happy together.

PHOTO: The author, November 2015.