Thomas Jefferson
by Thomas R. Thomas

gave up his library
on July 4 he
was done with it

his mind was
not done with
the books

but his
body had
given them up

I started my
library when
I was four

discovering the
treasury of
the world

was not in
the banks but
banked in

the treasure house
of books — an
eternal library

NOTE FROM EDITOR ON THE IMAGE: Portrait of Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), third president of the United States with one of his beloved books. Jefferson’s library included thousands of volumes on all subjects. By 1814, Jefferson had acquired the largest personal collection of books in the United States, and allowed the Library of Congress to acquire his collection as a replacement for books destroyed during the War of 1812.
thomas and eve
PHOTO: The author at 19 in La Verne, California, with his St. Bernard pup Eve (and Dad in the background)​ about the time when he was rediscovering reading and a year after he started writing poems.

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