by Charles Pennington

Born in Georgia in 1904, Charles Pretty Boy Floyd was known for problems with police and violent bank robberies unlike myself. Charles Floyd was arrested for a payroll robbery in the 1920s and went on to rob numerous banks after his release. I have never stolen anything. After being accused of taking part in the Kansas City Massacre, Floyd was gunned down and killed by FBI agents in 1934. I want to go out with a bang too when I die. He was born in Georgia just like I was. He turned to a life of crime after moving to Oklahoma. There was a 23,000-dollar bounty on this head to kill him dead or alive. I think he just like me was a likeable person who tried to make an honest living. The name Charles is seen as an older name that was popular in the early 1990s. I will not turn out like Charles Pretty Boy Floyd, but I am a pretty good looking guy like his name describes him as. Charles Floyd may have been a killer but he shared a name with me and he was from Georgia just like me. His name was good sounding. I only did this for 5 points on a test.

PHOTOS: Mugshots of bank robber Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd (1904-1934).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: It came to me while I was weaving a blanket for a cat I found. I found out about this comparison in a dictionary.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Charles loves to walk. He’s 16 and loves dogs. His favorite type of jacket is a sweater. He loves to visit old people and play puzzles. He likes to sing. He is on the AP underwater basket weaving team. He is not the smartest guy. He likes cheese.

IMAGE: Author self-portrait.