Daisy is me!
by Daisy Bala

Charismatic and day’s eye like the sun,
I have shone in my world of liberation in anonymity, just like her.
I am poised too, integrated with innocence but not flirtatious to the extent      of being vulgar like her.
I don’t bloom with winterbourne genre because I am the sun-fed one.
I will be spirited with repartee; don’t slander me for breaking social      conventions.
Rumpus here and there has always targeted women with stigmas,
But I shall not admit this one. This daisy shall bloom!

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I read about Henry James’ novella, Daisy Miller and was instantly shaken by the beauty of the protagonist and the end she meets with. Since time immemorial women have been subjected to social stigmas and character assassinations — facing harsh judgment if they don’t follow social mores. Like her, in my younger years I was fresh and crisp and guileless — and branded a clear outsider. This category allowed me to write my heart out.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daisy Bala lives in Wisconsin and maintains a blog (freshdaisiesdotme.wordpress.com). Her passion for life and nature’s vibrancy are reflected in her naïve writings. She wishes to stay inspired through continuous reading and learning. She has yet to derive proclaim through her writings.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: This photo was taken a month back at my son’s school.