My First Hero Was Brent Jones
by Brent Jones

At the same time
Different place
You could find Brent Jones twice
For one, the backyard was like a stadium
For the other, the stadium was his backyard
We came to play the same game
In the making of who we wanted to be
Moments in memory of when we gritted our teeth
But you could still see the grin
One was 31
The other only 5 years old
Flattening green grass with big boy steps
Our main man has the ball, sends it into the air
The sun stares down hard watching both Brents extend their fingers           toward the sky
Some 1000 miles apart
When the catch is made, do you hear
The din roar of 34,000 fans or
Simply the breeze whispering through the trees
At the end of the day,
One wore the championship ring of the 49ers in ’94 for tight end
The other wore a 49ers Champion brand jacket for years until it was too           tight

PHOTO: Brent Jones was a tight end for the San Francisco 49ers from 1987-1997.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Growing up and looking for idols, my first was an easy find: Brent Jones was a pro NFL player my father pointed out while watching the Super Bowl. It was a happy thing to hear “I” ran for a first down or that it was “me” who caught a short pass.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brent Jones is currently teaching English to elementary students near Tokyo, Japan.