mark hudson
The famous Mark Hudson
by Mark Hudson

A musician in Hollywood named Mark Hudson.
used to be in a group called The Hudson Brothers.
I’m an artist and poet named Mark Hudson.
who used to be in a rock band in high school in the eighties,
and started working on music in the nineties,
at one point in a studio in Chicago. I was the lyricist
and I’d sing with professional musicians.
I never got as famous as the Los Angeles
Mark Hudson, but maybe that’s because I never went
out to Los Angeles. I continue to get poetry published
on-line and in poetry anthologies, and I’m grateful that
I’m a “Hudson.”

IMAGE: Musician/singer/music producer Mark Hudson (New York City, 2015).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Hudson is a poet and writer, artist and photographer. His poetry was featured in the Silver Birch Press “My Sweet Word” and “Me, During the Holidays” Series.  His work has been most often anthologized in Grey Wolfe publications in Michigan,  and he has also had science fiction poems appear in Handshake, an irregular Science Fiction Newsletter in England.