Going Au Naturel
by Laurie Kolp

One morning I opened my eyes
and much to my surprise
discovered a wad
of platinum blonde hair—
oh, what a messy tress—
nested on my pillow

which caused concern enough for me
to dash to bathroom. I flipped
out when I looked in the mirror
and saw a chunk of hair
missing right beside my face as if
jilted hair stylist snuck in at midnight
and butchered my hair. Perhaps

I fried my hair, I thought, when
dying it myself at home with hopes
of saving money. I vowed
to let my hair grow out
mousy brown, even though
my eyes look greener with blonde hair.
At least I’d set a good example
for my daughter who dips
the ends of her beautiful hair
in red Kool-Aid.

PHOTO: The author with fried hair.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I was able to let my hair grow out process-free long enough to donate my ponytail to Strands of Strength, and I plan on doing it again before my hair turns gray.

Kolp BIO

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Laurie Kolp, author of Upon the Blue Couch (Winter Goose Publishing, 2014) and Hello It’s Your Mother (Finishing Line Press, October 2015), serves as president of Texas Gulf Coast Writers and secretary of the local chapter of the Poetry Society of Texas. Laurie’s poems have appeared in Avalon Literary Review, Crack the Spine, Concho River Review, Scissors & Spackle, Pirene’s Fountain, and more. She lives in Southeast Texas with her husband, three children, and two dogs. Laurie recently returned to teaching after a 14-year hiatus.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Fried hair no longer, all the same length.