Young woman at hairdresser
Things Left Unsaid
by Bekah Steimel

Four days ago
I got my blonde locks
chopped and thinned
my hairdresser
said something
that caught my ear
she told me our hair
tells the story of how we live
everything we put
in our bodies
shows up in our hair
everything we consume
everything we let in
I wanted to tell her
that is not true
my lovers
would never show up
on some strand
the women behind my heartbeat
behind my smile
you’ll never find them
on my scalp
but they are how I live
that’s what I wanted to say
I just smiled
and tipped her five dollars

SOURCE: This poem first appeared in The Legendary in 2014. The poem is the true story of a haircut.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bekah Steimel is a poet aspiring to be a better poet. She lives in St. Louis and can be found online at and followed @BekahSteimel on Twitter and Instagram.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: This is a selfie taken in 2013.