daisy bala
Tenacious tresses
by Daisy Bala

Things that made me different were the things that made me
That included my mane — insane
Ever since I can visualize
Sitting atop my head
Twirling whirling unruly curls
Unpretentious and docile
Being scraped and torn with brushing
Like a cutie pootie toddler

I felt miserable
For spawning the little mop top
Like a dandelion head aspirations
I would flock school blocks
Eventually, puberty made me realize
Less is more with springy coiled heads

So I learned to maneuver like a maven
Shake it all up, shedding banality
And scatter it like a hedgehog.
My locks sputter now, luscious
Dashing through the face
And I get going my kinky curly ways

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: It’s my pic clicked a short while back when I was in a playful mood with my tresses, de-stressing myself.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I always felt my hair was my low point and pulled me out like a black sheep. But as I became more conscious about myself and my surroundings, I realized that my curly locks are my style statement. I started grooming and nourishing them, till I got in vogue. Now it’s my personality and defines me, filling in the contours.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daisy Bala lives in Wisconsin and maintains a blog, www.freshdaisiesdotme.wordpress.com. Her passion for life and nature’s vibrancy is reflected in her naïve writings. She wishes to make it a sustainable inspiration through continuous reading and learnings. She has yet to derive proclaim through her writings.