I Dream of Driving Slowly
by Odile Vidrine

I cannot drive yet but this summer I will start driving classes. I imagine summer will be a great time to start driving — once I am confident it will most likely be fall. I dream of driving slowly through the mountains and admiring the colors of fall leaves. I love winding country roads, and in the country where I live there are quite a few, I look forward to driving down them all and looking at the trees. Driving is such an adult activity, you are completely in control of a powerful machine. I hope nothing goes wrong! I am the oldest sibling so I haven’t experienced the learning process of driving. I am excited to be able to show off around my younger brother, and maybe one day teach him.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Sorry the lighting isn’t very good.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Odile procrastinated and took a nap. She then thought of pretty things and wrote whatever she thought of.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Odile Vidrine lives in Georgia. She is 15. She has three cats. Only two of those cats like being petted. She wishes the third cat liked being petted, because she is the fluffiest.