Driving Lessons
by Sasha Kasoff

When I was really little
I used to sit in grandpa’s lap
Steer the golf-cart
While he did gas and brake

Once I was tall enough
Sitting on the edge of the seat
Legs able to reach the pedals
I was allowed to drive — at age five

But only on the golf course
Only if granny wasn’t there
I knew it was our little secret
Driving was my favorite part

One time it was just granny and me, arguing
I had seen people roll out of cars in the movies
So I bailed out onto the grass
Tumbling myself full of grass stains and bruises

PHOTO: The author and her grandfather (Victorville, California, 1997).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Poetry has been a part of who I am ever since I was three or four; I used to speak poems before I could read or write. No matter what else I am working on, there is always a steady stream of poetry.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sasha Kasoff’s poetry can be found in two self-published books and many anthologies, magazines, and other literary presses all over the world. She is currently earning her MA in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University in England. Look for her author pages on Goodreads, Facebook, and at SashaWrites.com.