The Land Yacht
by Tricia Marcella Cimera

I don’t remember the make.
It was American.
It was big and long.
Super wide. Majestic.
The complete opposite
of the cool, slim foreign
family car I practiced in.
I was scared to death.
How was I, who was I
to steer this great white
whale of a luxury sedan?
I sat paralyzed,
my fellow students
whispering in the backseat.
Suddenly the Driver’s Ed
teacher barked out,
Let’s go, honey! and
I pressed the gas,
sailing irrefutably forward
like a Viking Lord
aboard his dragon ship,
like Cleopatra on her
glittering barge.

Like Captain Smith on
the Titanic,
while all the passengers
waved happily,

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: My student ID from the year I took Drivers Ed. My name is erroneously and annoyingly embossed as “Pat” above my signature. How I hated high school.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “Land yachts are essentially large cars …In automobiles, the term is most commonly applied to the large American cars of the pre-oil crisis era.” Wikipedia

Cimera Author Photo

Tricia Marcella Cimera
is an obsessed reader and lover of words. Look for her work (some forthcoming) in these diverse places and elsewhere: the Buddhist Poetry Review, Dead Snakes, Foliate Oak, Fox Adoption Magazine, Hedgerow: A Journal of Small Poems, I Am Not a Silent Poet, Mad Swirl, Silver Birch Press, Yellow Chair Review, and Your One Phone Call. Tricia volunteers locally, believes there’s no place like her own backyard, and has traveled the world (including Graceland). She lives with her husband and family of animals in Illinois/in a town called St. Charles/by a river named Fox. She drives stick.