daisy car
My Drive to Drive
by Daisy Bala

Grotesque and gullible drive it. Illiterate and irreligious can drive too, then why not me. I wanted to flaunt it too, perched in the driver’s seat, flashing my Ray-Bans, but my pounding heartbeat irked me. Many a times during trial driving, I maneuvered poorly, rickety over gas and brake pedals. Appalling is the word! My senses numb and white while my father would be crimson in anxiety (I was test driving his car). I tried and failed to my dismay, voluntarily or otherwise, dunno. But that tenacious itch always resurfaced. I wanted to brandish my style. After few unsuccessful attempts, abomination and nearly fatal scratches, I procrastinated it as a “to do thingy.”

After marriage and a kid, the spirit to do it was flickering low. However, when my kiddo had commuting issues, a commotion stirred inside me, fanning my vanities. I put my foot down and accelerated the idea with a slick and hammer. I tried learning this time at a driving school but the instructor was visibly perturbed at my meagre grasping rate. He admonished my deprived flair for driving but still motivated me (I was paying hefty fees after all). I was put on a strict 10 hours of rigorous road driving diet; I started enjoying meticulously. Finally, I cracked the road test on the second try (I flunked the first one!) and got my ticket to liberation. It was an experience to cherish; a sense of discharge and deliverance. I was happy when we bought a car, but flabbergasted after driving it. It’s surely not rocket science; or a big thing, either; but, for me, I got my medal. I neutralized my fears and reversed the inability; parked my inhibitions and drove my ambition. You can too!

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I’ve always wanted to drive in style; however I could not muster the courage to pull it through. When life threw challenges in terms of relocation, opportunities glared. I swung to the idea and got it clicked. I found it easier to drive here in America compared to India and that caught my attention. I am thankful to life for this cherished experience and a skill I embrace!


Daisy Bala lives in Wisconsin and maintains a blog at www.freshdaisiesdotme.wordpress.com. Her passion for life and nature’s vibrancy is reflected in her naïve writings. She wishes to make it a sustainable inspiration through continuous reading and learning.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: My pic clicked in February 2016. It was taken on a snowy dim day when I was driving to my child’s school.