Free to fly
by Vijaya Gowrisankar

The envy as my brother sat on my father’s lap
My relentless arguments to get my parents to change their mind
I deserved an equal chance and right like my brother to drive
Girls were no less than boys –– a demand for mindset change

The day dawned, bright and clear –– I would learn to drive
A first step taken towards freedom and fulfilling the childhood desire
Accelerate and brake, right and left, start and stop
Look at the various mirrors, judge the distance ahead

The road was never straight and other drivers I couldn’t control
No one paved the way for the “princess” to drive smoothly ahead
My wandering mind was forced to concentrate, rather than fly with the      clouds
My impatience, confusion with right and left, accelerate and brake…and      so on

Never good at remembering things –– always a rebel to challenge the      rules
My attempt to learn driving was not a success story to recall
I gracefully accepted my yearning to fly free with my thoughts
Overruled my desire for the attention that is required to drive

I know how to drive, but choose to write instead as I travel
It allows me to voice my impatience with the traffic that buzzes on roads
My dream world beckons my wings, let the others take me to my      destination
My “attempts” to drive, a topic for laughter among my close family and      friends…

PHOTO: “Take the road less traveled” by fotoscool, used by permission.


Vijaya Gowrisankar
 released her second book of poems Reflect in December 2015. Her first book, Inspire, published in December 2014, reached bestseller status. She was announced as one of the winners of Inspire by Gandhi competition, organized by Sampad, a UK organization. She has been announced as the Winner of AZsacra International Poetry Award (Dec. 2015). Her submissions have been published in Forwardian, Triadae Magazine, iWrite India, Taj Mahal Review, along with Silver Birch Press.