mini cooper driver1
Something Bigger
by David Subacchi

They taught me in a Mini
Not much bigger than a dodgem
And just as difficult to steer
The sweating instructor
Squeezed in alongside
Insisted that all windows
Were kept wide open
Apologised for unavoidable
Body contact
Drew heavily on a cigarette.

We slid around the highway
In a terrifying manner
My priority to avoid collision
Or any sudden movement
The handbrake was noisy
And felt unconnected
My instructor sighed
Discovering it fully engaged
At over 30 mph
It was the smell of burning.

Three tests before successful
The examiner looked queasy
Every time he saw me
In my cramped box on wheels
Eventually I think out of pity
He passed me OK to drive
“What car are you going to buy?”
He enquired with some concern
“Something bigger,” I lied
Quietly releasing the handbrake.

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I write on a wide variety of themes and often, as in this poem, illustrate the absurdities and humour of real-life situations.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Subacchi was born in Wales (UK) of Italian roots and has four published collections of poems. First Cut (2012), Hiding in Shadows (2014), A Terrible Beauty (March 2016), and Not Really a Stranger (due in May 2016). Visit him at

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Easier to learn guitar than how to drive in a Mini !