The Crossroads. Country crossroads shrouded in with stop sign silhouette shrouded in fog.
Something in my way
by Sofia Kioroglou

I see an obstacle
always a roadblock
in my dreams and when awake

I see this road sign
always the stop sign.
I thought third time is the charm.

PHOTO: “Crossroads” by ehrif, used by permission.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I wrote this poem after failing my third driving test. I was crushed when I failed it the first time but had thought I would pass it the second time. Third time is the charm did not work for me, though. I have given up the whole thing and see myself more suited to being a back seat driver.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sofia Kioroglou is a poet, writer and prolific blogger residing in Athens, Greece, with her husband Peter. She remembers herself born with a quill in her hand writing poems and painting beautiful pictures. Her recent work “Guns and bullets” is included in a the Poetry Against Terror Anthology  and her poems have appeared in Verse-Virtual, Writink Page, Silver Birch Press, Poet’s Corner, and Bonsaistories among others. Last July, her poem “You won’t come” was singled out in the 4th Ceasar Dapontes Poetry Competition, winning a commendation award, and her haiku “Beyond this life” appears in the Haiku Anthology of Spiritual Horizons in Cyprus.  To learn more about her work, visit

AUTHOR PHOTO: The author at the Athens Film Festival (2014).