after work
by Roberta Beary

the weight of memory at times like this

with its hard push of his hand on my bike

columbia blue he bought me and me riding solo

look at me daddy look at me and he gives me one big wave

and then the soft thud in the drive and he’s gone

and i have nowhere to look but up at the stars

forever changing and the same

PHOTO: The author on her brand new blue Columbia bicycle.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My father didn’t spend much father-daughter time with me. He preferred working in his law office. One big surprise was the day he came home from work with a new bike for me (my first) and taught me to ride it. I’ve written several poems about that day; each one tells all the truth but tells it slant.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Roberta Beary is the haibun editor at Modern Haiku.  Her book The Unworn Necklace, a finalist in the Poetry Society of America’s annual book awards, is in its fourth printing. Her most recent book is Deflection, a collection of prose poems about loss and grief. Award-winning poet and playwright Grace Cavalieri said, “In Deflection she extends her reach with some of the most searingly truthful work I’ve seen this year.” Follow Roberta Beary on twitter @shortpoemz, where she tweets her photoku.