Happy little girl listening the music from music box with ballerina isolated on white
Swirling around like in a satin-lined jewelry box
by Sofia Kioroglou

My dad’s unwilting enthusiasm
does little to reduce my anxiety
actually quite augments it
as I try not to hit the pavement

I am only 7 but feel very responsible
not only for the things I do,
like cutting the roses from the garden
and having my mum get mad

but also for the things I cannot do
like grabbing the handlebars assuredly
and keeping the bike under me
trying to perform some kind of conjuring act

Lowering the seat does help, feet now firmly on the ground
with loose elbows and a light grip on the handlebars
I close my eyes and, lo and behold, now I am a ballerina
swirling around like in a satin-lined jewelry box

My reverie is soon interrupted by my dad’s gentle voice
I tell him I did the splits, even touched my toes
“Seems like you don’ t wanna ride,” he says
with eyes of blue, a hint of a smile

I can still hear his voice in my ears
“Don’t try to do things you don’t like
just because anyone can do them”

PHOTO: “Girl with jewelry box” by dvrcan, used by permission.

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: One of the few memories of my early childhood was the time my dad told me, “Today you ‘re going to ride a bike.” I can still feel his voice in my ears. The writing prompt brought back so many memories when life with my father was like a box of chocolates and failures didn’t matter. His passing away in November ripped my heart out.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sofia Kioroglou is an award-winning poet, writer and prolific blogger residing in Athens, Greece, with her husband Peter. She remembers herself born with a quill in her hand writing poems and painting beautiful pictures. Her poems are included in many anthologies, including the Poetry Against Terror Anthology, the Poetry Against Inequality anthology, and a number of literary journals that include Verse-Virtual, Writink Page, Silver Birch Press, Halkyon Days, Ashvamegh, Fractal.gr, and Winamop. She is a member of the Poets Unite Worldwide. To learn more about her work, visit sofiakioroglou.wordpress.com.