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And Bum Bum
by Ndaba Sibanda

I thought my elder brother
was holding onto the saddle

till I discovered that the bike
was roller-skating freely with

me down down a lonely lane
and bum bum on a pothole

I flew up and fear hit me hard
before I said son-of-that man

get off in one piece please —
and in style I glided off the thing!

IMAGE: “Biker” by zeber, used by permission.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ndaba Sibanda has contributed to various literary projects, including It`s Time, Free Fall and Windows In The Sky. Ndaba’s poems, essays, and short stories have been featured in many journals and magazines, such as: The Piker Press, Bricolage, The Dying Goose, Whispering Prairie Press, Saraba Magazine,, Jungle Jim, Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine , The Metric, Unlikely Stories, Santa Fe Writers Project – SFWP Journal, Elohi Gadugi Journal, The Subterranean Quarterly, Miracle , Red Bird Chapbooks, The Joker, Florida Flash, Fjords Review, storySouth, Annapurna Magazine, Festival Of Language, quiet Shorts, The African Street Writer, Poetry, Books Live , Whispers, and Poetrysoup. He received a Starry Night ART School scholarship in 2015.