BMX biker
It Comes in Cycles
by Abel Fernandez

She learned so fast.
Riding fast across the sidewalk
of a fenced park.
Her body moves the wrong way
and the wheel went towards the other.
Her thumb got stuck on the fence,
the first knuckle pulled and pulled
until her thumb was hanging

so I learned to ride it too.
On the roof of an abandoned
public bathroom I prepared myself
to take a leap of faith.
The pressure gauges
were screaming so loud
I could feel them touching me

so I jumped
and the wheel hit the fence again
and my skull hit the floor again
and the sidewalk had blood

IMAGE: “Bike rider” by zeber, used by permission.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Abel Fernandez is a senior studying at the creative writing department of Miami Arts Charter High School. He has been published in various journals such as the Youth Poetry Digest and has won a number of awards for poetry, fiction, and research papers in the Youth Fair. He was born in Cuba (1998) and moved to Miami in 2008. He hopes to study writing in New York and hopefully become a widely published author.