Bike silhouette pop art style

Learning to Ride a Bike
by Lorna Pominville

“No you are not going to learn to ride a bicycle. They’re just for boys. You always want to do something unladylike. Why can’t you act like a girl?”

I was used to having my mother refuse my requests, so, undaunted, I asked my bestie if I could learn to ride her bike. She did not disappoint. After checking with her mother, I got the OK.

Doreen took me out to practice on the back roads near where we lived so that my mother wouldn’t see me. Some of the roads were gravel. When I fell off (as I often did) I sustained many a bloody knee.

“Just look at your knees!” my mother would comment. “Whatever do you do? You should have been a boy.”

One time I was going a little too fast and really took a “flip” I scraped not only my knee, but my whole leg. I had to sneak into the house to change out of my shorts into jeans so that my mother wouldn’t see. Despite the hot weather, I wore my jeans for weeks until my leg healed.

“How can you stand those heavy jeans in this weather?” asked my mother. “In the spring you couldn’t wait to get into your shorts, now that it’s hot you’re wearing jeans.” She just shook her head.

I just smiled and continued practicing riding Doreen’s bike.

Soon I was a pro!

PHOTO: “Bike rider” by sneslvan, used by permission.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lorna Pominville is a retired registered nurse, living in Sarnia, Ontario. While working as a cruise ship nurse, she wrote monthly travel articles for the on-line magazine, Singles, for 18 months. Upon retiring in 2005, she has self-published a book of short stories pertaining to her 10 years working on ships, titled: Alpha! Alpha! Alpha! Tales of a Cruise Ship Nurse. She has also had several poems printed in Halcyon Magazine and had a poem selected for reading in London, Ontario. She is a member of the Writers Association and Writers International Through Sarnia (WITS) and attends a writers critiquing group (WHW).