by Joan Leotta

Here I am!
Center stage,
seated at a Grand Piano
Music flows from my fingertips
as I smile at passersby.
Classic busts smile at my skill with classic
works—Beethoven, Bach, Mozart.
Popular tunes? Of course.
If you can hum it,
I can play it.
My brain has but to wish
and sonorous becomes
with me.
Can you hear it?
My music transcends the bounds of
ordinary sound waves.
No need, however,
to watch for my Carnegie Hall debut,
because, though I took one
entire year of lessons,
I never did practice.
But you must admit,
I do look good
sitting at a piano!

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: This photo was taken with me sitting at (and poem inspired by) the magnificent grand piano in the lobby of Gran Meliá Fénix in Madrid this past May.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I always wanted to play the piano. However, once I took lessons, my interest diminished. It seemed that the work required was not equal to the “instant” results I had imagined. So, now I listen to great music. I try to look good at hotel pianos. I do hear the music even if to others it is as imaginary as my skill.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joan Leotta is widely published in US and international publications as a journalist, essayist, and poet. She has four books of historical fiction in print and one picture book in print and another on the way!