how to time travel without moving
by Scott-Patrick Mitchell

when i press the button
on my shitty samsung
the moments change in
an increment increasing

i meditate for minutes
only to break rhythm
see what time jump is
given : the day begins

i add hours to thought
& the numbers are
into adding the sun’s
sequence to pretence

now, i have already hit
midday, & my day is
underway, & you’re
still sitting here, reading

this poem is a wormhole
: it opens up the front
& ushers monday to
come inside, wipe feet

now all we have are
these words as they
time back & forth a
-cross this universe

PHOTO: The author practicing his skill.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My special skill is time travel. Please note that I use punctuation in a non-traditional manner: I use it so as to highlight even the smallest aspects of poetry, showing that punctuation has an inherent musicality so often forgotten about in contemporary poetry. I also treat my poetry as a democratic space where no letter should capitalise over another letter, hence the lack of formal capital letters.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Scott-Patrick Mitchell is an Australian poet whose latest collection, inner pity poems (2016), is available now through Department of Poetry. He recently won the March 2016 Perth Poetry Slam and 2015 WA Poets Inc Creatix Poetry Award plus performed THE 24 HOUR PERFORMANCE POEM at Crack Theatre Festival. For more information please visit Facebook.