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Picture It
by Maureen Sudlow

I am a storyteller
and write my words to sell
but I just wish that I could draw
and show as well as tell

for every children’s picture book
must speak with words and art
and everything that happens there
should come straight from the heart

my characters are all my friends
I know just what they’ll do
and I find it so frustrating
to need an illustrator too

in my thinking I can see
such lovely picture art
and I know that I could do it
if I took the time to start

the colors are just fabulous
the shapes are sure and strong
and they tell another story
with the words that run along

maybe one day I’ll get there
my characters will live
and then I’ll know that I have given
all that I can give

© Maureen Sudlow

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I love writing children’s stories, but find it so frustrating that I don’t trust myself to do my own illustrations. I’m currently putting together my second picture book – with an illustrator. The above photo is an illustration I tried to do for a snail story…


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Maureen Sudlow is a resident of the Kaipara in the north of New Zealand. She is a member of The New Zealand Society of Authors and writes poetry and children’s picture books. Her poetry has been featured in various online and print journals, and she has just published her first poetry anthology Antipodes, which is available from her blog site www.kiwis-soar.com.