by Geosi Gyasi

Among all the things / I wanted to be, / to be an architect / was top of the list. A few years ago, / when after completing Senior High School, / the devil that mourned my Failure in my dreams / or / perhaps, / the Angel that showed me the great light / the way I should go / nonetheless / left me with a choice. / But how often do I tend to look back? / Back in time as a teenager / when blood spilled out of my eyes / like the tears of the moon / Disappointed: I could not become / like Adjaye / whose beautiful glories are displayed in Oslo, with the design of the Nobel Peace Centre / in London with the Whitechapel Idea Store / or even with the incredible Moscow School of Management (Skolkovo). / In the nights / very often / the dream never dies, / as I sketch my life / into a complex mix of shapes / and lines: my hips bending slightly / and my arms outstretched in a perfect straight line / like a roof sheltering over the rest of my body. / On a drawing board / on a paper, / I draw perfect lines into a hallway / square shapes into rooms / plus a kitchen / plus a WC, / a huge rectangular shape into a hall / a trapezium into a porch / a circle into a pool / and call it my dream house. / Still, I have this dream also / to build with paper (s) / and / pen (s). / So experimental / Ever so possible / just like this piece of paper / on which / I write this poem //

PHOTO: Skolkovo Moscow School of Management designed by David Adjaye.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Geosi Gyasi is a book blogger, reader, writer, and interviewer. His work has appeared or forthcoming in Visual Verse, Verse-Virtual, Piker Press, Misty Review, Silver Birch Press, Linden Avenue, Expound, Tuck Magazine, Galway Review, and elsewhere. He is the author of the forthcoming book Geosi Interviews Fifty Writers Worldwide (2016) from Lamar University Press Books in Texas, U.S. He is the winner of the 2015 Ake/Air France Prize for Prose. He blogs at

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