Imaginary Escape Artist
by Mary McCarthy

In dreams I remember
I know how to fly,
amazed I could forget
something so simple,
so elemental.
Not the ability to mimic
the soaring flight
of birds or angels —
something more like
a gentle levitation
touching earth lightly
with one foot
I give a little push
and I’m off
gliding on air for miles
before touching earth again.
A useful skill
for evading capture
putting swift distance
between myself
and any man or monster.
My dream self laughs
and rises just enough,
light as air
escaping safe
out of reach
of any wicked snares
set out to catch her.

AUTHOR’S IMAGE CAPTION: The picture is a drawing I made of my dream self in flight. I call it “Free Flight”

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This imaginary skill is something I’ve dreamed about since childhood. In these dreams I just remember how to do it, and can’t believe I ever forgot I knew how. It’s a sort of levitation, and feels completely familiar and natural. I think it’s the one talent I really would like to have — who doesn’t want to fly???

MARY McCarthy

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mary C. McCarthy has always been a writer, but spent most of her working life as a Registered Nurse. She has had work included in many on line and print journals, including Gnarled Oak, Third Wednesday, The Evening Street Review, Expound, and Earth’s Daughters. She spends her time on writing and drawing, and has high hopes for a better world, despite the daily news, filled with reports of war and other calamities.