by Mavis Gulliver

Give me wings and I will soar
as unrestrained as eagles;
zip like peregrines
with lightening speed,
hang like gulls
on seaweed scented breeze;
zigzag snipe style
above an island marsh
with feathers drumming
in the evening air;
ride Spring skies as ravens do,
turn upside down, free fall
then right myself again.

If in need of company
I’ll skim, with shearwaters,
the troughs and crests of ocean waves;
with swifts I’ll scream and split the skies.
Or on the seashore, join a dunlin flock
to rise, wheel, curve and swing
in perfect unison.
And at day’s end I’ll sail,
          soft, slow,
                    on silent wings,
to haunt at dusk,
          the twilight fields
                    with owls.

PHOTO: Cover of The Birds of Islay (Lochindaal Press, 2006).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mavis Gulliver lives on the Hebridean Isle of Islay [Scotland]. Her writing is inspired by her island home, landscapes, wildlife, and the sea. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. Two poetry collections, Slate Voices: Islands of Netherlorn (2014) and Waymarks  (2015) were published by Cinnamon Press. As an avid bird watcher she is fascinated by the flight patterns of different birds and her dream is to experience the magic of them all.