4 years
We just received a reminder from WordPress that today — June 24, 2016 — is our blog’s 4th anniversary! Thank you to all of our visitors over the past four years who, as of today, at 4:15 p.m. in Los Angeles, have visited a total of 742,016 times (yes, 3/4 of a million — each day, we are getting closer to the big number!).  Thanks to the blog’s current 8,804 followers!

We started the blog on a whim, with no idea where to take it — and meandered for a while (a long while) before deciding to issue calls for submissions around various writing prompts, including (so far):

All About My Name Poetry Series
April Fool’s Day Erasure Poetry Series
Beach & Pool Memories Poetry & Prose Series
Beat Erasure Poetry Series
Celebrity Free Verse Poetry Series
Half New Year Poetry Series
I Am Waiting Poetry Series
Learning to Drive Poetry & Prose Series
Looks Like Me Ekphrastic Poetry Series
May Poetry Series
Me, During the Holidays Poetry & Prose Series
Me, as a Child Poetry Series
Me, in Fiction Poetry & Prose Series
My Imaginary Skill Poetry & Prose Series
My Mane Memories Poetry & Prose Series
My Metamorphosis Poetry & Prose Series
My Perfect Vacation Poetry & Prose Series
My Sweet Word Poetry & Prose Series
Mythic Poetry Series
Same Name Poetry Series
Self-Portrait Poetry Series
Starting to Ride Poetry & Prose Series
Valentine’s Day Erasure Poetry Series
When I Hear That Song Poetry & Prose Series
When I Moved Poetry & Prose Series
Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series

Thank you to everyone who participates in our blog — as visitors, readers, writers, photographers, artists, commenters, and browsers! You have helped us build a thriving and vibrant community of readers and writers — from all corners of the world.