du Toit beach
by Marike du Toit

We discovered our younger selves
Amidst the jellyfish and sand;
We tickled our noses with ocean air
And held the bare sun in our hands.
We threw up an orange ball
Of laughter; we played tag
With silver streaks of mullets
And stuffed the clouds into a bag.
We strung stories into necklaces
And wore them on display:
We met our younger selves at the beach
And they taught us how to play.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: My two friends playing with our orange ball at Kogelbaai beach, Cape Town, South Africa (October 2015).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem was written (whilst shivering in a wet bikini) upon return to my gray dorm room after a day spent on the nearby beach. We left campus tired and study-depressed, returning vibrant and positive. In the midst of our childlike frolics, I thought that a beach is surely the only place where you can pass time and return younger.

du Toit Bio1

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marike du Toit is a South African civil engineering student. Cape St. Francis, the small coastal town she grew up in, gave her an immense love for the ocean and a passion for water sports. Marike made up for the lack of peers and entertainment with a large imagination and many creative hobbies. She started writing at a young age and still has her first poem, written at age nine, which is also about the beach.

AUTHOR’S BIO PHOTO CAPTION: My happy self at Kogelbaai beach, Cape Town, in October 2015.