Part of the Celebration
by Jacalyn Carley

falling asleep on a blanket
on the beach
on the hottest day of the year
(by mistake, not under an umbrella)
is an active passive verb generating ceremony —
a ritual including
drooling, fat spreading, head flattening,
gnat attracting, sweat generating, sand invading,
dry mouth making, deeply satisfying gull cursing,
sleeping it off till happy hour
finally comes around again —
that must be performed
in public.

PHOTO: “Sunrise” from the Dunes Series by Rüdiger Schaper (supplied by the author).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This was inspired by the prompt; yet another prompt that inspired yet another poem about the messiness of sleep.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jacalyn Carley is a writer, teacher and former choreographer who lives in Berlin, Germany. She is On-site Director for Sarah Lawrence College’s Summer Arts in Berlin program, and has had poems published in Borders, Silver Birch Press, She has authored four books (all only available in German translation) and is working on a full-length collection of poems about the nude. Visit her at