by Shay Cook

I leave my sister back
at the beach bungalow
licking her wounds
over a breakup everyone
except she knew was imminent.

Outside the pussywillows
dance their tango with the
seaweed while a few feet
away I pick a yellow hibiscus
and tuck it behind my ear.

Energized by the sight
of seagulls floating
weightless in the wind,
I escape my sister’s
enduring hiatus from life.

IMAGE: “Seagulls over the waves” by Ohara Koson (1915).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My creative process is to show up to write by scheduling time to craft words often during the week. I believe creativity will be waiting for me when I arrive!

Shay Cook Poet1

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shay Cook earned an MFA in Creative Writing from National University and a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Phoenix. She is the recipient of the Hillsborough County Lit Wit Poetry Contest, Winner of the Tampa Tribune Letter of the Day, and author of a collected work of poems entitled Black Silk. Her poem “Playing Dress Up” was recently accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of Mother’s Always Write Magazine. Shay’s nonfiction and poetry pieces have been published in The Quill, Writer’s World, Office Professional Magazine, Write Now, Chips Off the Writer’s Block, Black Cat Poetry, Yesterday’s Magazette, Shadow Poetry, e-zines, small presses, and other literary magazines. She is currently working on her second book of poetry, A Pale Shade of Color and several chapbooks. In her spare time she hosts local creative writing workshops. She lives in Tampa, Florida.