bill wakeley
A Game of Tag
by Katley Demetria Brown

I stand at
the edge of the
Atlantic Ocean
cold, wet sand
between my toes
while crashing waves
of freezing water
rush to shore
approaching me
as the tide comes in.
Do I really want to play
a game of tag
with the Atlantic?
She’s a formidable opponent
whose weapons are the
icy water and the undertow.
I am no match against
something so powerful
so beautiful and
so vast that it meets land
somewhere in Spain,
but yet I am tempted
to join her in her
watery playground.
I could get hypothermia,
you know, or a rip current
could drag me away,
never to return.
In the meantime, a rogue wave
hits me with a numbing blast
of salt water,
knocks me down, pulls me in
and it’s time to play…
Tag, you’re it!

SOURCE: Previously published in the author’s chapbook The Visionary, 2012.

PHOTO: “Rough Seas,” Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts (2012) by Bill Wakeley. Prints available at

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I get inspired when I least expect it. Ideas can come any time; I can be out on a walk, sitting in a doctor’s office or in a dream. Sometimes they just pop into my head!

brown current photo1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Katley Demetria Brown was born in New York City. Her poetry has been published in a number of Internet and print publications. Her specialty is poetry with a touch of humor. After traveling through the United States and Europe, she has finally settled down in Springfield, Massachusetts with her family. She makes a trip to Cape Cod at least once every summer.