Outer Banks Treasures
by Allison L. Parker

I saw a triangle in the water,
a stingray floating peacefully underneath
these waves, a creature without consciousness,
wholly asleep. One day I will take my mother by the hand,
before all the weird eyes of the tourists
and we will strip down to our plump bodies,
swim out to the sea-creatures flapping above the seafloor,
returning only to lay favored in the sand,
a spectacle, for sure: naked and azure.

PHOTO:  The author, age four, at Broadkill Beach, Deleware (1980).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My creative process is slow like a sea snail. I write a poem, and then sit on it for five years, then edit the heck out of it. I need to experience something, write it down, process it subconsciously, and then a few years later I can understand what it was I was trying to do.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Allison L Parker is a poet, playwright, and English tutor living in Wilmington, North Carolina. She graduated with an MFA in poetry in 2002 from UNCW. Her poetry has appeared in Poetry East, Cobalt, Fjords, Ash Canyon Review, Lilies and Cannonballs, The Oklahoma Review, Scissors and Spackle, A Sharp Piece of Awesome, ArtWord Quarterly, and The Lyricist. Her one-act play Girls, Girls, Girls was produced at Bare Bones Theater Company in Charlotte, North Carolina, and her one-act play Heathens was produced by Big Dawg Theater Company at Thalian Hall in Wilmington, North Carolina, respectively. From 1999-2004, she wrote and performed with the all-female performance art troupe Brawdeville. She currently performs with the sound art troupe 910 Noise.

PHOTO: The author reads at the Hubris & Logos Poetry Festival, Wilmington, North Carolina, 2010).