The Lost Fun
by Apoorva B Raj

When I was a child, listening to the stories of fish and fishing in the sea
Sailing ships in the midst of waves
The howling of the wind
I always thought it would be a great destination to visit once in a life
To feel the cool breeze
And candy scenes of sunset
To scream my name as loud as I could
So the day I stepped on the beach I was filled with awe
I wanted to run around and dance with joy
But my mind said i am no longer a kid
I held my breath and consoled my childish wish looking at
My better half beside me and his family
I just walked and smelled the fresh air of Arabian Sea
I held the hands of my love and posed for the camera
I treasured the memory of my first visit to the beach
But still today I feel if I had been there as  a child
Then I might have built a fine house for the frog in the sand
And I might have collected all the colorful seashells on the shore
I would have made a trinket necklace and enjoyed more …
I don’t want my child to miss out on all this fun
So I am planning to take him to the pools and beaches
To drench him with good experiences and cool memories to treasure in his old       days
I thank him for getting me back to the lost fun
As now I build a frog house
And pick some shells to show him how much more wonderful it is to play in sand and water than on the cell and computer!!!

PHOTO: The author and her husband Indu Kumar on Malpe  Beach, Mangalore, India (2010).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Apoorva B Raj is a research scholar in the Department of English, Kuvempu University, Shimoga, Karnataka, India. Her poems have been featured in several Silver Birch Press series.