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Moving to the U.K.
by Shreerupa Basu Das

Post marriage, I had to shift to a different continent. I was apprehensive, as it meant leaving behind a life that I was so used to…Little did I know this would be a life-changing decision for me.

The first step in this direction was to get my spouse visa . This was easy, and we got it within five days of applying . This brought in another dilemma. it meant I could fly immediately with my husband. I remember the night before we flew, both our mums were busy packing for us while I just sat teary-eyed in a corner. The goodbyes at the airport were even more difficult.

I remember the aeroplane touching down at Heathrow Airport and the long queues at the passport desk . It made me feel a bit lost but the view of the Thames as we crossed it gave me new hope.

The next most important thing was to adapt to the weather. I had arrived on a cold December night. But the best part was our new home on the seafront at Swansea. Then came the difficult part, setting up a home and getting used to the ways here. Each incident added to my experience, helping me settle down a bit more. We made new friends here–a the most common link was that we had all moved away from home. And then there were times when I missed my family a lot and my new friends would cheer me up.

When I look back I realise the move has helped me not only to discover myself but has also changed my outlook . And as rightly put across by my six-year-old: “Ma if the Earth is constantly moving then we are also moving, aren’t we!”

PHOTO: The author with her parents and family standing before the Tower Bridge,  London, England.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shreerupa Basu Das is from Kolkata, India, where she worked as a qualified chartered accountant. A resident of the UK for the last eight years, she is a mum of two and works as a mortgage consultant. She loves to cook and travel, and writes occasionally, taking inspiration from her life experiences.