Collateral Damage
by Michael Minassian

I just wanted to say
that I won’t be coming home
anytime soon, so it’s OK if you
throw out the boxes
I didn’t have time to pack
in my car before you came back
from work; I’m sorry I didn’t
stick around to tell you in person,
but if I could have sent a drone
to bomb our bedroom
I’d accept any collateral damage:
my favorite shirt, the few cd’s, & cologne
I left behind, the photograph of you
that time we saw an alligator
in the canal (too bad you didn’t fall in);
so don’t wait up for me or bother to check
your voice mail, I won’t be calling
& even if I did, these are not the verbs
I would use, WTF do you think?

IMAGE: “Boxer” by Jean-Michel Basquiat (1982).


Michael Minassian 
lives in San Antonio, Texas. His poems have appeared in such journals as The Aurorean,The Broken Plate, Exit 7, The Galway Review, Third Wednesday, and Verse-Virtual. He is also the writer/producer of the podcast series Eye On Literature. Amsterdam Press published a chapbook of poems entitled The Arboriculturist in 2010.

PHOTO: The author in Mexico shortly before the move.