girl window
Mixed emotions
by Vijaya Gowrisankar

“We’re moving to a new home,” my parents said,
in an eager tone. I nodded at the packed boxes
A Tempo rolled in, on a Saturday afternoon,
picked up the boxes and we bid goodbye to our

The familiar view from our first floor balcony,
the unadopted street dog who waited with me for bus
daily, the hand pump at the end of the lane, the small
tailor shop and grocery shop were left far behind ––
as we moved

The second house on this new lane, the bare walls
and tiled floor, the lingering smell of fresh paint,
the view from our third floor balcony of the clouds
so close and trees far below –– welcomed us to our
new haven

The old house, the memories, slipped into our conversations
very often, as comparisons, as we slowly settled into
our new place. Pictures, some old, some new, found their
place on the walls. The routine to hug my favorite toy
to sleep continued…

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: We shifted homes when I was in grade one. This was my first major upheaval from familiar surroundings. The see-saw between the urge to seek comfort in older surroundings and the eagerness to build new memories was an experience that was enthralling at that age. It continues to be so today, as we step into newer forays, in life.


Vijaya Gowrisankar released her second book of poems Reflect in December 2015. Her first book, Inspire, published in December 2014, reached bestseller status. She was announced as one of the winners of Inspire by Gandhi competition, organized by Sampad, a UK organization. She has been announced as the Winner of AZsacra International Poetry Award (Dec. 2015). Her submissions have been published in Forwardian, Triadae Magazine, iWrite India, Taj Mahal Review, along with Silver Birch Press.