porsche pop art

Coast-to-Coast Nightmare
by Jasmine Tritten

We were moving from Carmel Valley to Virginia Beach and had not yet left the California agricultural flat lands.

“Jim, the brakes don’t work,” I shouted into the CB radio, panic-stricken.

My eyes focused on the back of the open trailer in front, containing my blue Hyundai car, towed by my husband. He operated a 24-foot rental truck over-stuffed with our paraphernalia. Behind the mass of steel, containing our “life,” I drove his precious yellow Porsche about sixty miles an hour.

“Why are you using the brakes?” He replied. A typical male answer.

“I don’t know why,” I screamed, blood rushing to my head.

“Calm down and keep driving,” he insisted. Is he insane? “Trust me. When I spot a gas station, I’ll coach you to gear down the car to a full halt.”

My heart throbbed.

“Okay,” I responded and continued to stare at the Hyundai in front of my eyes. What if he was forced to stop?

About 30 scary minutes went by before I heard his voice again,

“Are you there?

“Yes,” I replied numb from anxiety.

“Listen,” he continued, “begin to gear down the car to second, drive into the turnoff ahead, and make a full stop using the handbrake.”

I followed his instructions and came to a screeching halt, dust flying.

“Hurrah! I made it! But the gas station is not open on Sundays. We can’t get the car fixed.”

So we swapped cars. I rolled my Hyundai off the trailer and Jim drove up his Porsche chaining it down.

The move ended well in spite of the hiccup. The Porsche got fixed when we arrived in Virginia Beach and lasted another nine years until a heavy hail storm hit the roof of the car.

IMAGE: “Pop art 1962 Porsche 356E” by KWJphotoart. Prints available at redbubble.com.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Jasmine Tritten grew up in Denmark and has written journals since childhood. In 1964, she immigrated to the United States, where she obtained a B.A. in Studio Art with a minor in English writing. She published her memoir The Journey of an Adventuresome Dane in the fall of 2015.