Moving to Me
by Teresa Marita McGuire

I moved that year
so full of life with crystal clear ideas bathed in
When I moved that year
away from home
to my new apartment
from dependence to independence
from young girl to young woman
down South to up North
from student to college graduate
from intern to newspaper reporter
from family member to solo act
from being so in love into loneliness
yes I moved that year
Something within me moved
to a feeling of accomplishment
realizing how much hard work really pays off
yes I moved that year
even my fear moved
from wondering if I could actually do it
doubting if I possessed what it takes
cringing at being alone in a brand new place
Still all of me moved that year
mind body and soul
My life witnessed a personal metamorphosis
when I moved that year
beckoning my mind to catch up with reality
prodding my body to walk in confidence
reassuring my soul that all
was well
is well
shall be well
even when I cried from an emptiness
drowned by professional achievements
embraced by the little girl moving into womanhood
Oh how I moved into me
in February of 1983.

© 2016 by Teresa Marita McGuire

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Waving hello to myself hours after the interview that led to my selection as one of 10 candidates from a national pool of 300, Spring 1982, Memphis, Tennessee, before the move to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Immediate reflections of the first time I moved flooded my mind when I thought about the WHEN I MOVED Series. Not only a physical move, that first experience was also a transition within. I call it my “moving to me” phase in that all my dreams, goals and preparations led me to a new place, and ultimately a new state of mind.  I wrote the poem in one sitting, let it marinate a few days, then edited the final draft over brunch days before my birthday, which is always a time of reflection. I chose to use punctuation only at the end of the poem to reflect how I was feeling with everything moving so swiftly before, during and after the move, such as finishing classes with a tight, doubled-up schedule all year, packing, getting acclimated, and reporting in the midst of settling into a new life several miles from home.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Teresa Marita McGuire is a Tennessee girl living and working in Mississippi, where she writes and walks for fitness. She is a self-published author, poet and professional school counselor. In 2006, Teresa self-published My Soul Speaks Poems about Love, a book of heartfelt poetry with magical stories about real love. Teresa’s poem, “Setting Sun,” was featured in Entropy magazine. Her post, “What Keeps Me Going,” was written for the Breathe Christian Writers Blog. She is completing a poetry chapbook.